MIFTI’s accomplished team of scientists at the University of California, Irvine, have successfully developed and patented a world-changing technology that will dramatically solve the current crisis of worldwide shortages in radionuclide/medical isotopes, a $5 billion USD per year industry. Radiopharmaceuticals are used in the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease, cancer, Grave’s disease, cardiac stress tests, brain, bone, and lung scans, and an ever-growing variety of life-saving procedures. Our team of top management personnel plan to market these products to the nuclear medicine industry through direct sales and/or distribution channels already in place worldwide.


MIFTI’s dedicated team of scientists has conducted research in university laboratories for over 25 years in their quest to pioneer MIFTI’s unique Staged Z-pinch (SZP) methodology. SZP is a safe, reliable, cost-effective, fusion-based process that uses a hydrogen isotope from seawater to create radionuclides without the environmental hazards of highly enriched uranium (HEU) or low enriched uranium (LEU) or the expense of the cyclotron method currently required to produce these products. MIFTI’s technology will fundamentally change the means by which radiopharmaceuticals are created.

Target Markets

The use of nuclear medicine protocols has grown to over 20 million procedures per year in the United States alone. MIFTI’s target markets include over 10,000 hospitals, clinics, laboratories, radio-pharmaceutical companies, and radio-analytical instrument manufacturers worldwide.

Technology to Market

MIFTI plans to form a network of strategic relationships with various industry-related companies in order to market and develop our brand’s awareness. This will lay the foundation for sales of MIFTI’s Staged Z-pinch, fusion-based radionuclide/medical radioisotope machine, and also promote the sale and distribution of our own radiopharmaceuticals in areas that choose not to lease or purchase their own unit. Preliminary discussions have occurred with several hospitals and companies (i.e. Covidien – NYSE: COV). Covidien, a global healthcare product supplier, was recently acquired by the medical device company, Medtronic. Covidien’s yearly revenue stream is approximately $10B USD. They also have the infrastructure and distribution network in place to quickly bring MIFTI’s radiopharmaceutical products to market. Covidien has shown serious interest in a distribution agreement with MIFTI as we move nearer to FDA medical device approval.


MIFTI knows of no other non-proliferating, fusion-based company currently in the nuclear medicine space. We are well-positioned to fundamentally change how radiopharmaceuticals are produced and distributed, and thus dominate a critical segment of the multi-billion dollar nuclear medicine industry.


MIFTI scientists invented and developed the Staged Z-pinch approach while working at the University of California, Irvine. In 2009, MIFTI scientists submitted the SZP concept to the US Patent Office. On September 16, 2014, a patent for radionuclide production using SZP technology was issued to the UC Regents (US Patent No. 8,837,661). MIFTI holds the option to license and sublicense the technology worldwide. The commercialization potential for this unique methodology is tremendous. MIFTI offers an unprecedented ground floor opportunity for investors interested in solving the critical shortages currently facing the nuclear medicine field.


Staged Z-pinch will have positive worldwide consequences in providing vital products required for nuclear medicine. Moreover, MIFTI’s technology is flexible and can also be applied to the energy industry to create a clean, unlimited source of power without the negative environmental impact of fission-based nuclear reactors or the expense and dilemmas posed by other less efficient solutions (i.e. wind, solar, etc.). MIFTI is confident that we can accomplish these goals in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. MIFTI’s technology is sustainable, environmentally friendly, and forever.